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About me

As a composer, my biggest drive is to communicate and share my musical voice with the people around me. I try to reach listeners and musicians; anyone who wants to listen, but my compositions are non-compromising and truthful to my ideas and beliefs about music.

For me, the process of composing is in itself rewarding; starting from scratch with an empty piece of paper and working towards the embodiment of my music by the musicians, is a process that never disappoints and will always turn out differently than expected. 

My inspiration comes from unstoppable but surprising phenomena which can often be found in nature. Natural disasters, the seasons, time, and the never-ending survival instinct of nature is a strength and surprising beauty I often admire and offers me many ideas for musical gestures. In a way, I could describe my music closely to this idea; strong and rigid but often with unexpected turns and humor.

In my most recent work for Saxophone solo “Rite I” I was inspired by rites and traditions that can be found in different elements and stages of life. In the piece, I incorporate my love for natural phenomena with my admiration for dance and movement, and besides the music, I wrote a choreography for the musician as well. By adding this visual aspect, I try to engage the audience more into the piece. This extra dimension strengthens the idea of a rite or ritual and helps the audience to see what happens in the music.   

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